After you've reached out in interest we will book a briefing meeting. This meeting is the ideal time to discuss your companies' product, goals, objectives, target audience, values, and overall big picture thinking. From there we can determine the scope and timeline of your project. When you're ready to move ahead a customized strategic brand plan can be presented for a fee. Next, the project details are approved and the contract with terms is signed. To begin any activity a standard 50% deposit is required with the remainder due when the work is completed. Please note there are other payment plans available for consideration.


This is where the creative work begins. A little more in-depth research is involved during this stage and there may be subsequent quick calls required for clarification. During this phase, the concepts and designs are developed, presented, revised and finalized. Each one aligned with the predetermined and agreed upon timelines. Once the creative is approved, and everyone is happy, we move to launch!


Now all the hard work pays off. Whether it's a print, advertising, or digital execution – final digital files will be delivered to you for publication. If you require coordination with external vendors for production that option is available as it may require specific technical know-how. So that's it. At this point, you're done and ready to start measuring your results and plan your follow-up project!