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Now is the time to brand up and book out - let's go!

Your Brand Surge is an intensive process designed to build your entire brand in a short amount of time. In order to make the process go smoothly, as much as possible of the backend research and creative work is done beforehand.

This means that by the Presentation and Intensive Workshop day there has been a lot of strategic work based on the Brand Wake brief that you approved. The plan has been developed to build an impactful brand to set you up for the world domination you’ve been dreaming of!

Complete your intake form below and click here to see where you are in your Brand Surge process.

Intake form


Intake form

You are here.

01 Deep Dive Brand Wake Interview

02 Brand Wake Document Delivery – via email

03 Brand Wake Review Meeting – zoom meeting

04 Start Your Brand Surge

Fill out the intake form above. Please take note that the Brand Development phase CAN NOT START without submission of the completed form.

05 Brand Development

06 Final Invoice Due

The final half of the Brand Surge balance is due one business day before your Brand Presentation and Intensive Workshop.

07 Brand Presentation and Intensive Workshop – zoom meeting

08 Brand Assets Delivery – via email

The process
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