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Lean, Green, Branding Machines.

In the spirit of spring it's time to dive into brand colours – specifically green. A quick search on the internet can find oodles of articles on logo colours and their meanings. It's pretty simple stuff really. We learned in grade school what each colour represents. Red is hot, blue is cold, green is growth and so on. See photo below for overly obvious example.

green, growth, plant, brand, design, yellow, leaf
Photo Credit: Christian Bisbo Johnsen

This week, I set out to take a closer look at more than just logo colours and gained insight into who is staying true blue, or in this case green. Who actually adheres to their well researched, psychologically justified brand colour? I looked at websites and marketing collateral and was disappointed that in the case of my favourite colour – not many brands hold-up.

Which made me think. Are companies spending endless time, money, and resources on massive identity launches and messing it up? Is there some serious brandscaping that needs to happen? In my humble opinion yes. Or is it just green? Search for yourself for common green company websites and logos. What is your initial impression? Is the corporate identity and overall look and feel consistent?

In the green time, (sorry, not sorry pun) let's look at some of this year's "Way To Be Consistently Green, Because It's My Favourite Colour, On Brand Winners"

Top Five Green Brands

With that monumental awards announcement complete I leave you with one final thought to entice you to enjoy your own special place of green;

"You could cover the whole earth with asphalt, but sooner or later green grass would break through." Ilya Ehrenburg

Is your company in need of some brandscaping? Send me a note or better yet give me a shout and let's have a chat!

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