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How Smart Companies Save on Great Branding

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

So you want your brand to make a statement. Your product is amazing and you've invested endless hours and money for development. The time has come to make your company shine as brightly as your product performs. Investing in your brand is the next big step and the results will undoubtedly be ten-fold. Can you it make it happen?

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No need to be subtle here. Of course you can make it happen because you have all the time in the world and an open ended budget – right? No one does, but don't worry you're in good company. Many have gone before you using the following tips to find an efficient and effective branding partner.

Hire a consultant

Consultants know their stuff inside and out. They've had well rounded careers with a wide spectrum of projects and industries. Their confidence allows for skilled facilitation, polished design, and powerful solutions. They've learned from countless campaigns and bring discipline from their failures and successes.

Here's the slam dunk – they are a company of one. That means less overhead which in turn means more savings for you. It really is a simple and elegant solution. Benefit from their hard work and reap the rewards for your company.

Look for experience

No shocker here, but what's surprising is that bigger agencies often assign junior staff to work with lesser-known clients. The senior professionals step in to present or sign approvals but mostly work with the big wigs who have big pockets.

So to be sure ask. If you've decided to spend on a expensive agency find out who will be assigned to your account. Better yet, request that the Creative Directors are the hands-on project leaders from concept to completion. If they hesitate perhaps it's time to keep looking.

Encourage collaboration

Open your doors and create a new team. An outside resource can only know and do so much. They don't have the inside goods on your company. So it stands to reason that they should be eager to work with your in-house experts. Reward ambitious employees with a seat at the table because they are the best brand ambassadors you have.

Allowing in-house staff to work with an external resource will spur new insights, create buy-in, instil confidence in leadership, and help foster a great corporate culture. In turn your star brand ambassadors will spread your values and messaging with pride.

Those are just three valuable tools to help leverage external brand creative without breaking the bank. What efficient methods have you used to work with external sources? Email me - let's discuss!

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