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Five fast ways to maximize the last of your Q4 marketing budget.

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

It’s definitely not too late.

A December marketing sprint can make a lasting impression and kick off a strong start to the new year. If there's still budget left and you need some last-minute ideas you’re in the right place. Here are five quick wins to get your brand on board.

1. Outsource Projects

As the holidays approach employees are busy with events, vacations, or are simply getting antsy for a well-deserved break. Hiring an experienced consultant can deliver fast results that pay off. Smart companies are benefiting from consultants who have broad skill sets from years of working with a variety of enterprises. They’re eager, agile and decidedly ready to move on urgent projects.

2. Social Media Countdown

A "New Year Count Down" concept on social media can generate a substantial uptick in awareness. For example, a top ten list with one post daily creates intrigue and anticipation. Is there a particular impression that you’re trying to make waves with? This is a simple way to start the ball rolling.

3. Infographics

An infographic provides valuable insights for your readers and it also boosts your company's perception as an industry leader. Finding content for an infographic isn't complicated. Just extract main points from one of your current articles or blog posts and use it for the design. Bonus – infographics add a lot of value beyond the initial execution. For example, each segment can be reused individually for social media, digital campaigns, or landing pages. Here's A Collection of the Best Infographics for some inspiration.

4. Brainstorming Facilitation

The value of idea generation can never be overstated. The best bet is to hire an unbiased facilitator who is skilled in the art of idea generation. This time of year is ideal to gather your team together for a desk break and a light-hearted team exercise. A brainstorming session generates excitement, gives employees a voice, and in turn boosts team morale.

5. Employee Desk Drops

'Tis the season when even the smallest gesture can bring joy. There are so many ways to give and show employees appreciation. A desk drop might just hit the right note. Remember that everything can be customized with a clever idea to promote culture from within. From postcards and apparel to mugs or baked goods – a little can go a long way. Want some inspiration? There are so many operations to chose from but here's one that I've used in the past - they have great customer service and this isn't sponsored! AOK promotions.

High fives all around for making it through another year.

I'd love to hear from you about any ideas you might have for some clever quick-win campaigns. Let's chat!

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Great article and insights on end of year planning.

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