Jo-Anne Chow is the Principal and Creative Director of Brand Creek Creative. Jo-Anne is a seasoned and award-winning creative leader, brand builder and marketing expert with over
25 years of agency and corporate hands-on experience. Her expertise includes building and executing inspiring creative programs for Fortune 500 companies including technology, health care, public service, financial, and automotive sectors. Brand Creek's extended team includes professional copywriters, digital developers, photographers and video production artists.


Traditional, online and digital media wraps it up nicely. But there is so much more. Suffice to say that we are well-versed developing multi-channel programs and building impactful campaigns across all visual brand expressions.


We officially opened shop in 2018. However, over 25 years of immersion in the world of design, advertising and marketing have brought much more savvy to the table. We're sort of like a well-aged wine in new packaging. Expertly designed packaging of course.


Brand Creek Creative is proudly located in Toronto, Canada. Thankfully the world is a digital wonderland and we work with clients from all over the globe including the U.S. and Europe. We're delighted to collaborate with teams from a wide variety of countries and cultures.


Because world-class creative and brand strategy should be accessible.